How to Choose Drawer Runners?

How to Choose Drawer Runners?

An inseparable aspect of the bathroom or kitchen are drawers that permits for imperative separation of items and leads to effective use of storage space - be it small or large. Modern houses require modern solutions which is why people opt for drawers these days rather than adding deep cabinets. Moreover, it facilitates you to keep the drawer tidy and organized. The best feature of a drawer is that it can easily be pulled out of the furniture. Drawer runners are the perfect accessory for your kitchen drawer.

If you are in the market for high quality drawer runners, then contact REJS Ltd. We are a leading organization that offers premium accessories for your kitchen. All these products will help in fitting the kitchen drawers and updating your house. These creative drawer runners will ensure that your drawers come out smoothly.

Let’s look at some of the factors that will aid in making the decision of purchasing drawer runners easy:

Load capacity
The team at REJS Ltd advices that you specify the kind of items you intend to store in the drawer prior to choosing the runner. It is particularly imperative for kitchen drawers where you will keep pots and plates. For objects that are on the heavier side, it is important to install drawer runners that can carry the load capacity as it will help in adequate movement of the drawers. If you overload the runner, it might result in breakage or distortion. We offer a large variety of drawer runners such as soft close, full extension and single extension etc.  

Another factor to consider when opting for drawer runners is the type of closure it offers. At REJS Ltd, we provide quiet and gentle closure of the drawers. As a result, the drawer front foes not slam against the furniture. Moreover, you can also get push to open option offering convenience to our clients.

Full or partial extensions
Drawer runners offer partial or full extensions options. If you have shallow drawers, then go for full extension alternatives. For higher drawers, it is advised to opt for a partial extension given that it is not used often.

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