Comfort drawer system

Flexibly Designed Comfort Drawer System

Comfort drawer systems at REJS Ltd are designed with ease of our customer in mind. The latest engineering and design that we offer ensures utmost functionality and features to die for. The ergonomic characteristics of the comfort drawer system makes it easy to pull out and organize your precious kitchen utensils.

These drawer systems can be closed without any noise given the soft stop mechanism. You can also find and opt for a push open variant. It comes with a fully open lock system which allows it to stay open when extended completely. The best feature of our comfort drawer system is that you will not need to specially purchase any tools to mount them. This system is incredibly versatile, which permits it to be adopted by diverse environments, such as kitchen and under bench storage or workspaces.

Within the comfort drawer system, you will find various configurations and can choose the one that seems perfect for your needs.

Flexibly Designed Comfort Drawer System
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