Cable grommet

Space saving Cable Grommets

Cable grommets are durable and stylish metal structures. These round accessories are perfect to add a sleek style to your desk and also reduce the amount of messy wires. Bundles of cables can pass through the hole in the cable grommet. REJS Ltd brings the metal grommet in two distinct finishes inox (brushed steel) and chrome. The variation in colours and finish permits the customer to choose according to their tastes and one that complements their desk perfectly.

With our collection of grommet, you will not have to hire a professional to assemble or disassemble because that they come with easy installation. The cable grommet is perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen and prestigious workstation. These versatile grommets offer amazing functionality and great appearance.

These cables grommet can also be fixed with a data back plate or power socket to suit your cabling needs and to save space.

Space saving Cable Grommets
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