Waste bins

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Waste Bins | Dual Kitchen Bin | Pull Out Kitchen Bin

Tired of the typical waste bins? Want to make your kitchen chic and stylish? Then invest in REJS Ltd kitchen furnishings. These waste bins are especially beneficial for people who love recycling. The waste bins are attached in the cabinets which ensures a neater look. Simply slide open the drawer and throw the garbage. It comes with a soft close function, which also minimizes noise.

All our waste bins come with the essential fittings so you will not have to look around for parts. You can also purchase front fixing bracket for your bin and also have access to only the bucket. There are different sizes of the waste bins available in our store. It allows you to choose the one that fits your family’s needs. We also provide removable bucket which can be washed easily.

Perfect for your kitchen, these pull out kitchen bins can be placed anywhere in your humble abode. These kitchen waste bins are not your ordinary bins; they can also be used for recycling purposes as a waste and recycling bin. These kitchen recycling bins come with a dual compartment to also serve as a dual kitchen bin.

This way, you can separate your paper waste from your plastic or any other sort of waste. For ease of use, these waste bins can also be used as a pull out kitchen bin for easy removal and disposal of trash.

You can also use one of the two compartments of this dual kitchen bin as your kitchen food waste bin, while you use the other compartment for other waste.

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Waste Bins | Dual Kitchen Bin | Pull Out Kitchen Bin
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