Variant Multi - base cabinets

Bespoke Variant Multi

Variant multi category provides line of pull out baskets that allow you to organize your utensils or soft laundry. These are breakthrough items that provide you extra layers of shelf space. The pull out wire shelf and baskets are the perfect solution for contemporary housing, where space might be an issue. With these innovative products, you can utilize space in the optimum manner.

The sliding system of these cabinet wire basket offer an impressive division, which allows for tailored layout. The variant multi pull out wire baskets and dividers are easy to set up. These variations deliver a 3D adjustment and a front width of approximately 150-600mm. So whether you are looking for big cabinets or small pull out variant multi; these products offer exceptional choices.

Owing to a great quality material, you will be able to slide the cabinets with ease and receive impeccable smoothness. Enjoy the extra space and a flawless designs.

Bespoke Variant Multi
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