Puro Line - NEW

Puro line 

Regardless of whether you organize a kitchen or a wardrobe the furniture accessories of Maxima Puro line will help you to keep wardrobes and cabinets in order. Available in two colour solution PURO line is not only functionality but also visually aesthetic. See the possibilities Maxima Puro propose to you. 

Drawer, cargo and corners of Maxima Puro line allow to make optimal use of furniture space and at the same time to add new measure of aesthetic dimension. Made of high quality sheet of metal and placed on strong extension system bring comfort in working and failure free. Developed with a kitchen and wardrobe in mind, it could be successfully use in other interiors. 

All accessories of Maxima Puro line are offered in two variants: in white with colourless glass as the decoration element or black with a wooden decoration element in a warm caramel shade. Each system is equipped with a matched colour anti-slip mat. 

Puro line
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