Adhesive caps

Diverse Colored Adhesive caps

Tired of the excessive holes in the cabinet or table? Are these holes destroying the beauty of your furniture? If yes, then utilize adhesive caps from REJS Ltd. You no longer have to cover up holes with visible screw heads or leave the hole as it. These ugly holes can now be covered with ease by simply using these adhesive caps. The caps are made with durable PVC material.

These self-adhesive stickers are accessible in a huge range of color and patterns that will cover the holes in the cabinet, sofas and walls etc. without seeming out of place. 14mm as a standard diameter for adhesive caps, these diverse colored little caps offer an ideal universal solution. The adhesive caps are perfect for unused pre-drilled holes, screw heads, and general repairs to impaired surfaces.

From the lightest white shades to dark tones, the adhesive caps comes in a simple peel back.

Diverse Colored Adhesive caps
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