Base cabinets

Base Cabinets - Breakthrough in Cabinetry

Typical base cabinets are the most prevalent cabinet installed in a kitchen. They are obtainable with or without a straight, vertical center divider. These cabinets can also have double or single drawers and doors. Such kitchen furnishings are considered as the heavy lifters of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They can store large pots and pans and offer bulk storage space. The majority of our base cabinets come with 3D front adjustments and integrates adjustable dividers to cater to your precise storage requirements.

You can obtain these base cabinets in several variations in terms of colour, sliding options, material, and shelving. Our customers can avail of bespoke products for their kitchen measurements.

The pull-out feature makes these cabinets more appealing because they can be slide in and out with a smooth motion while keeping the style component intact. All these innovative solutions keep in mind the user’s comfort while ensuring elegance to your bathroom or kitchen.

Base Cabinets - Breakthrough in Cabinetry
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