Inner drawer

Minimalistic Inner Drawer

REJS Ltd offers inner drawers that have an incredible yet minimalistic design. The appearance of these drawers is magnificent, which satisfies the daily demands of a kitchen. These comfort drawers system support around 35 kgs weight and provide optimal stability when our customers close and open the inner drawers. This characteristic is even true when the drawers are opened completely and are loaded heavily. These inner drawers box are created to exhibit sophisticated designs.

Moreover, the creation delivers excellent solutions for storing kitchen items in an organized fashion without seeming cluttered. We provide several variations, including white and silver with soft close versions. The inner drawers stand out because of their high quality material. The sleek design and a round top rail intend to meet the new kitchen requirements with optimal smooth motion. You can easily mount the inner drawer without using any tools.

The package will include all the fittings necessary.

Minimalistic Inner Drawer
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