Sanitiser station

Customized Sanitiser Station

COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of the world. Every organization and public arenas now have to follow specific SOPs to control the transfer of the virus. Are you looking for a sanitizer station to follow government guidelines with ease? If yes, then explore our collection of strategically designed sanitizer stations. These innovative design stations can be easily installed in schools, offices, and shopping malls. Sanitiser station offered by REJS Ltd is an all-inclusive design that dispenses gloves, towels, and masks.

Measurements and techniques are created to cater to universal products. The soap dispenser allows for contactless washing, which drastically reduces the risk and encourages safety measures. The structure of the stand is made using high-quality material, which offers sturdiness.

Sanitiser station is today’s need, and we can customize the header of the stand to meet your precise needs, be it a branding tactic or the deliverance of a public service message.

Customized Sanitiser Station
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