Slim Box

Sturdy Slim Box

Multiple varieties of slim box drawers are accessible at REJS Ltd. We aim to create a stylish and unique bedroom or kitchen solutions to stay on top of the market trends. Our slim box is made using excellent quality materials to ensure a smooth mechanism. These slim boxes will support approximately 40 kg of load.

Slim boxes are synchronized runner slides and allow for a smooth closing action even when extended fully. These are metal slides that have to be attached using screws. An exciting feature is that they can be used for a diverse range of cupboard widths. The soft runner mechanism of the slim box makes it an attractive choice for various customer segments.

With the best quality metal utilized to create these slim box, you will sustain the drawers for a lifetime. Our slim box sizes will range from 400 mm to 550 mm in length.

Sturdy Slim Box Drawer System
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